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How Does Sioux Empire FCU Give You The Edge?

Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union recently asked for your help to raise public awareness about how your Credit Union is Giving You the EDGE: how have we impacted your life, assisted you in achieving your financial dreams, or simply helped you become better aware of how to achieve those dreams down the road. The goal of our video contest was to create short, creative videos that encourage people to come experience the Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union difference. Here’s what one family had to say about that difference:

Entry Winner: Erin and Troy Giegling

Video Name: Gieglings + SEFCU = The Edge

“The Giegling family has an edge over the competition. How you ask? We literally have an Edge (Ford that is). Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union helped us get the “Edge” and has given us the “Edge” every day. Take a look at how the Credit Union has not only helped us get the Ford Edge but also an edge on life.

We got married… bought a house… found out we were expecting… and bought a new car all within three months. SEFCU was there every step of the way to help us with these expenses and exciting times. If that isn’t financial assistance, I’m not sure what is!!

Life happened, and it happened really fast. Troy and I dated for six years, and after we got married, everything started to fall into place. We were new to buying cars, buying a home, and financing a new edition to the family, but SEFCU made the experiences pain free and even exciting!

Not only do we have an actual Edge, but we have been given all the tools to stay sharp on expenses and build a solid family. SEFCU has been our Credit Union for all things financial and has impacted our lives by achieving our financial dreams.

Thank you for all that you have done for us. We cannot wait to see what the future brings and how Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union can help.”

– The Giegling Family